Friday, September 04, 2009

Macau Magic Trip: The Food

I think no one needs to be worried of where to look for good food in Macau - it's everywhere. There are always some best dining options in the city!

The Noodle and Congee Corner in Grand Lisboa. Nicely designed.

Tried the traditional hand-made noodles. Can watch the expert chef preparing the noodles in the open kitchen!

Here can try the HK style WanTan mee with big shrimp dumplings. I had it twice and still miss it hehe.

These are the food that we ordered to our room. That day we had our own "mini Poker tournament" among ourselves. I won the 2nd game! Hehe.
My friend highly recommends this dessert - Bird's nest with milk. Tastes very nice!

Lunch time we usually go to the "Eight Restaurant". An elegant restaurant offering Cantonese and Huaiyang cuisine. Very unique dining experience.

There was one night we went for supper in this "San Hou Zai" steamboat restaurant. I think if you drop by Macau, you should really try it!

The seafood steamboat is available in two sizes, big and small. And guess what, we ordered the small one but it's already like a seafood mountain! And look at the giant scallop. Tastes so fresh!

The most "memorable" dinner will be the one we had in "The Kitchen" on our 2nd last day stay.

Here you can try the best beef from Japan, Wagyu from Australia, US prime beef and Dutch veal as well as fresh seafood from tank. I bet you'd agree this is the finest beef steak in town.

The extra-large oysters!
Just to mention about the washroom, something flies up when the tap water running. Guess what, it's CASH notes! Not sure what's the reason behind this but it does look very unique indeed.

This is definitely the most expensive meal that I've had so far!

But the enjoyment is priceless! Cheeers!


JunJun-Riko said...

yer.. so yummy.. i want the oysters..!!!! i want i want i want!!!!! *mmzai*

J2Kfm said...

amazing. such indulgent gluttony at work. :)
i envy you la ...

Darren Lee said...

Jun: Ya the oysters are super fresh heheheXD

J2Kfm: Yo man..finally you envy me..after I envy you for so long haha jk=P

Yew TW said...


Kit精。。。 said...

macau....nxt place to go!!!
but now trap in tp...=.='

Darren Lee said...

Yew: Still got one more post to wrap up the whole trip. Hey i'm also super jealous of you la! Physician! ha

Kit: Ya make sure you go one day..;)

bingwui said...

wow wow & wow.. btw i met david lai accidentally tat day in pavillion. lol.. which reminds me that i never met u yet!!! but i can't pray tat i get taiping hospital later.. hahahhaa. going in to induction tmr :P

Darren Lee said...

binghui: Hey come to taiping la! Then I can have a magic fren hehe. Enjoy ur induksi!

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