Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Macau Magic Trip - Arrival

Ya I'm back from my Macau trip (23/8 - 28/8) - my apology for sorta late update. Really too many pics to choose from;)
I was actually invited to perform in the welcome party for APPT (Asia Pacific Poker Tour) tournament '09 - held by APPT and PokerStars in Macau, the so-called the heart of poker in Asia, a very vibrant and exciting city indeed!

This exciting event took place in PokerStars poker room in Grand Lisboa Casino, the largest poker room in Asia. And the Grand Lisboa building design is stunning - it's based on a bright yellow lotus leaf with 58-floor height - definitely one of the most striking buildings I've seen!

The splendid interior.

There are plenty of invaluable antiques around at the entrance and ground floor. The pic above is the Great Wall of China sculpture.

The room is absolutely superb, to every details! Guess how much the rate per night for this room? It's $4900 HKD! - and we stayed for 5 days (one room for 2 person), you do the math.

The views from the room. Super nice. Can see the Macau tower?
And of course, the most relaxing place - a Jacuzzi bathtub and what's more, with the TV screen in front!;)
This is our first dinner place - the Macau Kopitiam. Tried the most typical HK food and coffee.
And here we are - George, me, Daniel & Wayne the group pic on 1st day.

Will update on the performance tomorrow!;)


chris@dotagaki said...

Hey thr, juz dropping by. Its cool what u do.. u know... magic. And its always great to travel around. Enjoy yourself mate.

JunJun-Riko said...

yeeeee... so nice the hotel room... got bath robe or not??? *wink wink*

cant wait for more... (i know there's more to come). LOL. ^^

Kitē²¾。。。 said...


Darren Lee said...

chris: Thanks! And you're right, it's always great to travel around!

Jun: Yaya got bath robe..you just remind me..i forgot to try it! haha

Kit: Ya i was just as surprised as you;)

Anonymous said...

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