Saturday, September 26, 2009

Beware of the...Hoax

The other day when I went to a ward to see a referral, I heard some "interesting" conversation among two "senior" housemen with two other fresh newcomers. It goes like this:

SHO(Senior HO)#1: "So you're new here. Just to brief you a bit on your work. First of all, punctuality. You're expected to come to ward at 6.30am or earlier, and you're expected to finish the blood-taking and ward round before 8am."

*New HOs quickly took down the notes*

SHO #2: "Ya we came that early everday and we're NEVER late. 2nd thing, case clerking. Every new case that comes, you must clerk the patients. The more cases that you clerk, the faster is your speed. For me, I can finish clerking a case in 5 min."

SHO #1: "My record is 3 min. FULL CLERKING AND EXAMINATION PLUS BLOOD-TAKING. My MO was also impressed."

New HOs: "Wow...*admiring looks* I hope I can do it as fast as you..."

SHO #1: "Well, it all comes with practice. So today make sure both of you clerk all the new cases today? Anything not sure, can CONSULT us."

New HOs nodded vigorously.

I think I sweated after listening to the conversation.
The thing is, the two so-called senior HOs are actually quite famous, no I mean quite infamous for their unsatisfactory performance in work, namely late or no turn up to work, irresponsibilities in patient care, basically quite opposite to what they "expected" the new HOs to do.

And most MOs were having headache when on call with them. Ya you should know how a "3 min-clerking" is like - you obviously need to re-clerk the whole thing for them!

This scenario is not uncommon in the workplace. So just a word of caution to all new HOs, when some SHOs (certainly not all) tell you that how perfect they are and intend to push all the work to you, please do not swallow it all blindly!

I can still remember when I was a HO, after a similar scenario like above, my friend told me, "Now the seniors can talk like they're really perfect. You know what I'm gonna tell my juniors next time?

I'll yell to them Hey dudes! Work faster! Do you know that last time when I was HO, I CAN CLERK TWO PATIENTS AT THE SAME TIME, AND THEN BOTH HANDS WRITE ON THE DIFFERENT TICKETS AT THE SAME TIME! Can you do that or not?!" ;D

I still find it so funny now.
And I'm sure you have similar encounters. Do share with me! ;)


Anonymous said...

clerk a case in 3minute? including PE~ I think specialist also can't do that....

Jing said...

haiya... NATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alot of ppl like tat la... when u comming to penang visit me?

confessions of a medical student said...

as a not very senior HO, my advice to junior HO are get skillful in branula and blood taking fast... you do not want to waste too many time with one patient, setting a stupid branula... and calling your MO in the middle of the night for a branula can be quite irritating, no? and kesian the patient...have to suffer multiple pokes...

Darren Lee said...

Jing: Yo bro, looks like you're enjoying urself there. How's medical? like it? Ya i'll surely come one day..hehe

Shinyin: Ya true..tat's the 1st skill that need to be picked up;)

kenwooi said...

both hands write differently? cool =P

kaiweng said...

hahaha... nice one


_VeL_ said...

HAHA. I found it funny too. GOod one. :)

Adz Ariff said...

I can never clerk a case in 3 minutes. A straightforward case in O&G with uncomplicated antenatal hx, maybe in five minutes plus but then the per -abdomen and VE..usually will take more than 5 if I really want to have a full story and come up with a plan. Initially my MOs will double check the hx but nowadays they'll just say ok and proceed with re-per/abdo, re-VE, and scan if necessary and give their plans.

And speaking about branulas..luckily O&G patients are amongst the easiest ones to set a branula for as their veins are pretty engorged (save for those who are severely diabetic/obese..nak nampak pun susah), compared to the elderly patients in Ortho, the newborns in NICU..and especially IVDU/ex-IVDU users....

bingwui said...

haha.. luckily in i met some really nice people and i take orders directly from my MO onli. but he DID said that we are really slow-mo and need to buck up on the speed. LOL.

Medical is nice ler. I'm in fear of surgical posting d. tds rounds! :(

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