Saturday, August 15, 2009

Is the Heart still Beating?

I encountered a "tough" medical check up the other day. Not about the patient but the form that I need to fill up. One particular part was rather odd, and I think if I were to show to a consultant, he'd scratch his head too.

It's like this:

And if I try to translate it (I'm trying my best), the questions are:

Heart condition:

a) Rhythm

b) Any sound "beside and above" the heart

c) The location which the "beside and above the heart" sound from

d) Is ther any beating sound inside?

e) Exercise endurance test

First of all, I'm not too sure what test it means. But THE MOST BAFFLING question (actually "b" to "e" are all confusing) should be "d" - or I should call it an award-winning question.

"Is there any beating sound inside?"

Is it that the expected answer should be:

"Yes, his heart is still beating, hence the beating sound heard. So now I can diagnose that, this subject who has just walked in for a medical check-up, is STILL ALIVE!"

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Anonymous said...

ahah...even im a malay myself..i find it rather odd too! =p probably if i were you...i would simply interpret it as below:

a) rhythm
b) heart sounds over the heart area ('sebelah atas' simply means 'atas')
c) location of the heart sounds that are heard(?)
d) probably murmurs (?)
e) most probably this refers to the stress test

haha..tho i hv to agree with u that the "d" one should be an award winning question. LOLZ

-just another junior student-

Darren Lee said...

Ha that's why I find this form so unlike others..coz most of the form will only require an answer or "normal" or "abnormal". And usual tests for pre-U student is so unlikely to include a Stress Test for them!;)

Aireen Scha said...

i think the person who prepared the form must be so detailed or he or she just want to make sure that all the students of the particular uni/college are at least human being and not ghost...(i dont think ghosts got heart beat LOLZ^_^ )

if i were you, i think my own heart will stop beating after reading the d question... ^_^

咖啡王子 said...

is this a form of question found in official medical assessment documents?

Darren Lee said...

Aireen: Ya I think it could be true..the form is to make sure only living human can be enrolled for the course..XD

咖啡王子: Yes it is! Sounds unlikely but it's true..;)

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