Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'll be Away

Hi dear all I'll be away for a week for...another big thing;)

Venue: Macau

Duration: 6 days

Going with: Magicians + Models + Singers

For: A magical event in Casino!

Why Casino? : It's where the card magic gets really interesting;)

See ya!

See my previous magic performances here.


Kitē²¾。。。 said...

finally u back to ur magic action le!! yuhuu~~ i forgot to ask u show me ur magic tim~~
looking forward to see ur post on this BIG THING!!!
have fun ya~~ bb~~

aireen scha said...

have a nice trip! im looking forward 2 c ur next entry^_^

bingwui said...

wah.. envy envy! and we still didnt get the chance to meet up!

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