Wednesday, August 19, 2009


It's a late update, but 11/8/09 is a day that I'll always remember.

I got a call from Emergency department, the place that I worked in, that there's a "meeting" to attend on 11th. It's really a big surprise. "Majlis Penghargaan Perkhidmatan Kecemasan Hosp Taiping" - specially held by a VIP, guess who?

Ya, he's the VIP that appeared in my blog long time ago - in fact, it's EXACTLY one year ago! The story began on this date but last year (his "special visit"), and also, the appreciation came few days later (in my Great day). But I really really never expected that, he'll come again after a year!

It's really good to see him again in excellent condition. He told that he recovered well after being hospitalized for 3 months! And this time he came is to "personally appreciate" those involved in his care on that day.

And he gave me an appreciation letter!
What's more, an ultrasound machine donation to the Emergency Department!

I think nothing can be more satisfying than your work is being recognized and appreciated. Although we were just doing everything that we should, when patient comes back and say thanks, it still made our day.

What a special day! ;)


sing said...

Happy for you! ^^

..and many thanks ya for the help that day!

xabi said...

a donated ultrasound machine!! my god! that's better than our failing one! but youre right, good to feel appreciated, but sadly emergency physicians are rarely appreciated. we just "touch and go". haha!

confessions of a medical student said...

WOW!!!! that's SO COOL!!! to feel appreciated, then to be appreciated again one year later... and you got your dept an USG machine!!! walau... now you sure damn kembang wehh... LOLZ,...

Darren Lee said...

Sing: No prob..sure will help you la^^

xabi: Welcome to my blog!;) Ya the machine was really unexpected..but it makes everyone very encouraged;)

Shinyin: Hehe..a bit bit more kembang than last time lo..=D

Zzzyun said...

hehe wow.. it certainly is great to feel appreciated!

how's life? havent had time to comment much recently.

bingwui said...

wah.. super dramactic.. i wonder there is another doc who has a similar story. definitely worth striving for.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Dr Lee :)

Is that a Siemens machine? X500?

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