Monday, July 06, 2009

Best Excuse Not to Quit Smoking?

Excuse #1

An asthmatic patient is found to be a smoker.

Dr: "You'd better give up your smoking. It could worsen your asthma control."

Pt: "No I can't...I have problem if I do that."

Dr: "Problem which is?"

Pt: "I'd easily get angry if I don't smoke. Really one. You can ask my wife..."

Pt's wife: "Ya he's right...his temper gets horrible if cigarette is not there. I think I won't encourage him to stop smoking too..."

Excuse right. But let's see an even better one.

Excuse #2

Another asthmatic patient, smoker too.

Dr: "You'd better give up your smoking. It could worsen your asthma control."

Pt: "Ok I'll try..."

Dr: "I think you said the same thing when I last saw you too. In fact, if you're having difficulty in quiting it, we can refer you to the quit-smoking clinic."

Pt: "You mean the clinic that will give me something like nicotine patch and stuff like that?"

Dr: "That's right. Wanna give it a try?"

Pt: "I think you can save the effort. I'm sure I'm not a candidate for that."

Dr: "Why is it so?"

Pt: "Hmm...I'm actually allergic to nicotine."

(Dr fainted)

Best excuse of not going to the quit-smoking clinic right?!


kucau said...


sing said...

hahaha..the 2nd pt is very GENG! ^^

Zzzyun said...

haha i like the 2nd patient's excuse :P

Yong Chuan said...

This is so hilarious Dr Darren

confessions of a medical student said...

guess what???

i think i am allergic to patients... please don't admit too many of them... avoidance is the best precaution!!

Pauleon said...

haha one excuse i get a lot is - "after i quit i think my health will suffer.. cannot breathe properly...."

i usually tell them wait until u 50-70 y.o. then u definitely cannot breathe properly..regardless still smoking or not......

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