Sunday, May 31, 2009

Interesting Chest Xray (5)

This is an interesting one to share.
What do you see in the CXR? Dextrocardia? Or deviated trachea?

(Answer's in comment)

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Skin Case

I'm doing my dermatology attachment now and it'll be 4-month duration. I think it's good that you can be rotated to different subspecialties and to strengthen your clinical experience on that particular field. For most physicians, dermatological diseases are diagnostically challenging and consultation to skin specialist are usually needed.

I got this referral the other day and I think it's interesting to share.
She's a lady presented with generalized pruritic rashes for 2 days, associated with fever. The rashes were initially erythematous, then became pustular 1 day prior to admission. Further history revealed that she had some URTI symptoms about a week ago and she visited GP for treatment.

Skin rashes was extensive and also involving oral mucosa. Blood investigation showed neutrophilia.

From the much simplified history and the pictures, what do you think is the diagnosis?

(Answer's in comment)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You Have a Dream?

Thanks to Susan Boyle, I guess we have once again witnessed how powerful a dream can be. "Never judge the book by its cover" is the description of her in her website now. I guess everyone will just feel the same when first listen to her singing.

Her performance is amazing. I'm sure her voice has captured the hearts of many worldwide.
Please also see the full clip on what comments she got from the judges. "It's a complete priviledge listening to it..." I agree!
And she's already got plenty of fansites! Just to name a few:

And certainly, the most inspiring part is, the power of dreams! ;)

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