Saturday, January 03, 2009

Why Hypoglycemia?

A 70 yr-old man was admitted for hypoglycemic attack. So I was asking his wife the history.

Me: "Is he on insulin or oral medication?"

Pt's wife: "He's on insulin. I'm the one who give him injection coz he can't see."

Me: "Then what happened actually?"

Pt's wife: "I also dunno la...yesterday he didn't take his dinner coz he said no appetite, then at night after I gave the insulin injection, this morning he's unresponsive!"

Me: "Did you do anything then?"

Pt's wife: "He usually wakes up early at 6am. Today he slept until 9am! I just let him sleep...waiting for him to wake up..."

Me: "Then he regained consciousness at 9am...then what did you do?"

Pt's wife: "Oh I scolded him, aiya why today you slept until so late? I'm waiting for you to wake up ah! You're late for your morning insulin injection already!"

Me: "THEN?"

Pt's wife: "Then I injected him the morning insulin...then he fainted again!"

Me: "......"

Diagnosis: Hypoglycemic attack secondary to...his wife! ;)

See this is a real example of diabetic patient with inadequate education on insulin use.
The patient probably suffered a hypoglycemic attack since last night due to missed meal, so long only he regained consciousness this morning and he was "induced" another hypoglycemic attack! I really pity the old man.

p/s: Certainly I'm not blaming the's us who didn't give enough patient education!


Joo Joo said...

really hope the dr, pharmacists and nursed can educate more people..hehe..

Zzzyun said...

sigh.. its the medical personnel's fault for not educating patients n their families properly =(

poor old man..

daniel said...

Gosh. Really pity the old man having to suffer from hypoglycemia. I thought we were brought up in a way that before taking any medicine, one should not be left empty stomach. Dr, true or not?

confessions of a medical student said...

LOLz!! poor old man... Hypoglycemic attack secondary to...his wife! - cases like this, we find funny, but it's very real cases happening.. the wife like innocently want to gv him another jab.. i see the importance of education on diabetes and insulin care..

peanut said...

kesian.. need to give class to wife!

Inn Shan said...

ouch. but i LOL'd.
i thought the first attack was quite bad. i never expected the second one coming. my heart skipped a bit...

hope that uncle is fine.

Esther said...

lolz... sorry, I don't mean to laugh but I've never thought that this could happen.

If it's me, I guess it's because sometimes I would assume others to know what I know. That's not a really good thing though.


Christie said...

cant stop laughing after read ur blog...i think tonite i can sleep better...LOL

Yasmin said...

Hello Darren i just found ur blog. :)
Hilarious read, but yeah dangerous mistake ehh.. permission to share this post yaaa~

FYI, your blog gave good insight of Malaysian medworld. Thank u! I'll be joining the crowd next year as I finish my clinical rotation, now collecting my darnedest answers :P

Darren Lee said...

Welcome! And thnx for reading my blog;)
Yup surely you can share this post..see you again!

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