Saturday, December 06, 2008

Smoke & Mirrors 2nd Edition

"Illustrated by renowned artist Si Scott, the Smoke & Mirrors playing cards were developed by Dan and Dave Buck. Dan and Dave spent over eight months working with Si on the design, with the goal being to create a deck that is elegant, refined, and modern.

Interest in the decks has been unrivaled since word first emerged of their existence. All of the artwork was illustrated by hand in pen and ink. Smoke decks are white; Mirrors are black. Both decks feature a custom designed Ace of Spades, Joker, and tuck case.

From the intricacy of the design to the feel, finish, and quality, Smoke & Mirrors are a case study in attention to detail. The feel and finish is flawless - printed on premium Aristocrat quality stock.

The result is an artistic expression of royalty: a true luxury deck."

- Theory 11

Let's have a look at the preview:

Truly a masterpiece. I'm just so gonna get this!! ;)


peanut said...

hahaha.. addictions! LOL..

confessions of a medical student said...

sometimes it's ironic -how someone can be so busy with work, yet have so much time to mengkaji cards and learn them..

perhaps, it is, like what peanut said, an addiction.. haha!

Darren Lee said...

peanut & shinyin: Yes both of you are right, it's an addiction!!!XD

peanut said...

eh.. bro.. u know wat, i use baking floor to rub on my cards, they can't fan out at first but few days later when the floor drops out a bit, it is back in action! LOL!!!!!

peanut said...

ops... dunno i used the correct spelling or not.. is flour.. :P

Darren Lee said...

peanut: Using flour? wow tat's innovative..dunno i've never tried it really works? but then it'll have some kinda smell won't it?;)

peanut said...

hehe.. no smell so far.. but i think the way i powder/flour them a bit not correct, i read on net tat we should put the powder in a paper bag and shake them.. maybe i'm try tat next time. so far the cards are fanning out okay-ly except for a few tat would still stuck a bit.. maybe my fanning technique need to improve also.. hehehe.

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