Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Picture Quiz (2)

Ya time for picture quiz again! Let's look at the following ECG:

Ques: Please give a spot diagnosis.

Hint: It might not be an ordinary diagnosis!^^

(Answer's in comment)

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- yuhhui - said...

hyperkalemia.. hahaha.kidding.

peanut said...

dorsales de pointes.


Zzzyun said...

erm.. ventricular tachycardia?

im not very sure actually.. my ecg is rather weak =/

Passerby said...

1. Torsades de pointes
2. Electrolyte imbalance
3. VF


Darren Lee said...

Wah good try good try...wait ah I'll reveal the answer after a few more attempts...hehe

ding said...

Torsades de pointes

wicrap said...

polymorphic ventricular tachycardia

Zzzyun said...

eh i wanna change my answer can ah? haha..

actually i meant ventricular fibrillation, not V tachycardia! wat was i thinking -_-

- yuhhui - said...

ok. I'm totally clueless. Hahaha.. Just started learning ECG yesterday actually !!

peanut said...

malu nyer wrong spelling -_-' haha..

Darren Lee said...

peanut: It's ok...i thought it's Russian spelling hehehe jk;)

Darren Lee said...

Okla here's the story of this ECG:

One day my nurse brought me this ECG and asked whether this is Torsades de pointes. As a normal response, you should jump up from your chair. Then I looked at it and found it kinda weird - only such rhythm in one single lead - V1! Other leads are all normal and pt just seemed clinically well.

So the next thing is - repeat ECG lo. Then found everything normal.

So final diagnosis:
- an artefact due to loosely connected chest lead

Wuahahaha! Ask you die not?
But before you feel like chasing after me, bear in mind that iatrogenic error is one of the last diagnosis that you should think of. It's not uncommon to see unexplained ECG which is actually due to wrong leads connection.

So that's the lesson! XDXD
And thanks for participating in the quiz!=)

confessions of a medical student said...


seriously resembles Torsades de pointes... some hell of an artefact! =P

wicrap said...

lesson that i learnt
1. consider iatrogenic
2. be suspicious when magician shows me sth..

peanut said...

wakakaka u purposely showed 1 lead onli........

will bear in mind next time.. :P

ccc said...

some cunning magic... o(>_<)o

tw said...

yeah ccc, feel like giving the magician a punch. :D

Darren Lee said...

shiyin: Pengsan lerr..hehe

wicrap: Your lesson 2 really made me laugh!=)

peanut: That's y..must be more observant next time..

ccc: Ya beware of more cunning magic next time..hehe

tw: Yew, be careful! I might use magic force to "transfer" back the punch to you! Dun play play..lolz

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