Monday, December 22, 2008

No Room for Ignorance!

I'm sure most of you read the article on The Star - "No room for ignorance in hospital wards" by a Seremban doc, I think he/she has made a few good points. Just to extract a few,

"How do you call yourself a doctor when you do not even know how to perform CPR? Most importantly, one must work with a conscience. Yes, they are allowed to make mistakes, but never at the expense of the patient’s life due to their lousy attitude or severe deficiency in knowledge.

To the parents of these young doctors, have you heard the other side of the story before defending your children? Did they tell you why they got scolded at work?

And if you find out that your child caused a patient’s death, simply due to his poor knowledge and lousy working attitude, will you be able to sleep well at night?

To the house officers who complain a lot, if you can’t even handle negative comments from your senior colleagues, how can you survive when you face demanding patients and family members?
It’s disheartening to see that the public is trying to sensationalise this issue without hearing the other side of the story."

I pretty much agree with what he said, and I think these are what most of the MOs thinking of the current batches of HOs now. After I read also Yew's & CCC's stories, I think hospitals are more like horror places to public now, at least the images will be altered, not sure whether to the extent that affecting public's confidence towards us. But as what fibrate said, "If you care enough, you reprimand them, so that they’ll become better doctors." I guess that's what we eventually want!

So to all HO-to-be, hope you all hear what we're saying!


Zzzyun said...

i think the most important thing a doctor shld be is a competent and SAFE doctor.

thats what my lecturer used to tell us.

even if a doctor does not know smtg, he/she shld always be willing to ask and refer to another doctor.

instead of pretending to know and harming the patient in the end.

Aik Ping said...

strongly agree with what you said.

enjoy reading your blog!! really inspired me a lot!!

Darren Lee said...

zzzyun: Yes, being safe and competent are the most important!;)

Aik Ping: Thanks! wow i'm surprised after I went to your're almost like the SinChew's columnist? So many of your articles were posted up..and I've read many of them before=)

Good job and I like your writing too. Keep up the good work! and thanks for dropping by!=)

Jing said...

hey i am the HO to be... lol... i am hearing u all!!! wakakakaka

Chuan Huan said...

yea agree with u.

but something to think about, if the ignorance is due to over stressful working load, then this is another issue to be discussed. coz mistakes will happen whenever someone in poor condition, no matter who u are, coz we are not iron man.

Chuan Huan said...

this is an article to think about :p

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