Sunday, December 07, 2008

Couple Jokes (4)


GF: "Dear, after we're married, will you quit smoking?"
BF: "Yes..."
GF: "Will you quit alcohol?"
BF: "Yes..."
GF: "Will you quit clubbing too?"
BF: "Yes.."
GF: "So good..anything else that you'll quit?"

BF: "I think I'm quitting the thought of getting married..."


Wife: "Dear, pls tell me honestly that do I look pretty?"

Husband: "Yes you surely do."

Wife gets satisfied and walked away happily.

After 10 min, wife asked again, "Dear, actually, were you telling me that just because you didn't want me to get hurt?"

Husband: "No...I didn't want myself to get hurt."

Wife: "......"

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eelainee said...

haha.. this is from the newspaper one... i read it... recent newspaper right???

Darren Lee said...

elaine: are not wrong la..wuahahahaXD

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