Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bad Assumptions

Bad assumption #1

A Bangladeshi man walked in accompanied by a Malay woman.
After the consultation,
Dr spoke to the woman, "Alright you can settle the bill over the counter there. Are you his employer?"
Woman: "I'm his WIFE."
Dr: "(oops..)"

Really Bad assumption #2

A middle-aged uncle walked in with a baby, accompanied by a 20+ young lady.
Dr greets the man, "Hello uncle, this must be your grandson? So cute..."
Man: "I'm his FATHER. Can't you see that's my wife?"
Dr: "(Oooops...)"

Extremely Bad assumption #3

Consultant doing ward round with all the MOs/ HOs.
Reached a bed of patient with coronary heart disease.
Consultant: "Uncle you really have to control your cholesterol la. Do you exercise?"
Patient: "Not really. I have to work..."
Consultant: "That's just an excuse la. What do you work as? Selling Nasi Lemak?"
Patient: "......I'm a LAWYER."
MOs & HOs: "(Ooooooooops...)"

Moral of the stories: Be very careful when making assumptions! These are real stories and you certainly do not want them to happen to you!=)


Zzzyun said...

haha the 1st and 2nd situation happens quite often. coz normally we are trying to build rapport but manatau become worse blek. so next time better to just ask: "oh uncle this is your...?" and let him answer urself! haha.

but situation 3 shldnt happen rite? imho, the consultant seems to be a bit condescending in his tone of voice?

Michelle Mak said...

eh i teman my mommy go see doc in sban..
the docs there ask me u are working d ah?
where are u working ah?
working as??
sweat...i look dat old meh???

Yew TW said...

The third is the best!!

Darren Lee said...

zzzyun: know la..sometimes the consultants are just being too confident..

ccc said...

(Luckily harmless)

Anonymous said...

hahaha i once had the same experience. i was about to clerk a women with a guy accompanying him, and i'm assuming that she was his wife where in fact she was his mother!!! bleargh, i felt so bad after that. NEVER assume in medicine.

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