Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Special On-call: Bodyguard Experience

I'm back from a special mission, sort of. Ha. I was on-call two days back, and it turned out to be an unsual one. Got an order from my department head that, a VVIP is coming to Taiping to visit and he requested a medical team to standby throughout his trip, and ya, I'm the MO who's going!

It's a rather new experience to me. In fact, it's less stressful than what I thought. Basically what I need to do is, carrying a stethoscope and following him around throughout his trip and of course, hopefully an uneventful trip - medically. Something like a personal doc for a day. ;)

And the good thing is, I get to stay in some nice places.

Water Chalet (Kampung Air). Staying in one of the executive suites. Pic taken during the afternoon lake cruise.

Oh and I have one cool thing to show..

This is something that I have to bring around. If you've seen enough of basic first-aid box, let me show you what's in this advanced one which is used in special occassions...

All the emergency medication and equipment. It even has a small oxygen tank inside!

It can be further opened up..a total of 3 layers. Almost everything that you need to attend a medical emergency, and it's just like a portable emergency trolley!

Then at night we went to the "Night hoot" in Ecopark. Something like Night Safari but I think this one is more exciting. Holding torchlight like walking into a jungle at night.

The da*n scary crocodile and the giant python.

So the trip ended the next day morning and it was an uneventful one. *thank god that I wasn't so Jonah hehe*

View from my room at 7am.

Think it was actually a quite fun experience. What a special "on-call" that I had! ;)


peanut said...

eh.. the first aid box here in russia while i was attached to the ambulance is something like tat also, but open ups like a barbie doll's house.

when i carried it, i felt like i'm one of the character in the movie Matrix, waiting to be attacked!

but i bet following a VVIP is quite stress also gua.. anything can happen anytime and everybody will look at u. but come to think about it, on-call in the hospital is also almost the same.

mich said...

so geng one the box...

cute little angel said...

Wow! u must have had so much fun!
Btw is it common practice that a medical team from gov practice stand by for a VVIP? For all VVIP or just for the one at high risk only? Curious to know who bears the cost payers money?? ;)
First time hearing stuff like that...

Yew TW said...

Eh Darren, what is this place ah? More info please? Maybe can go. Looks nice.

confessions of a medical student said... nice to get paid to go on a trip! (that is if everything is safe and sound)
cool briefcase! so many meds & equipments fitted into such a compact case! i wonder how heavy it is though..

and btw, the sunrise is beautiful..

ccc said...

Must be a welcoming break from your "routine one-man show" casualty work. :)

Yew TW, it looks like Bukit Merah Laketown to me?

Darren Lee said...

peanut: Looks like character in Matrix? Quite true..lolz

mich: Geng ler..dun play play..hehe

cute little angel: Hmm it's also my first time going for this kinda thing..i think it's only for certain VVIP (i think most of the VVIPs are considered at some risks in view of age factor)..oh as far as I know it's not tax-payers' money..

Yew & CCC: CCC, you're right!^^ It's Bukit Merah Laketown resort..
Check it out here:

shinyin: Ya it's heavy..8-10kg I guess..luckily they assigned someone to carry for me heheeh..if not I'd become a guli dy..;)

Clarissa said...

woooow. i would want one of the box!

Jing said...

who's that VVIP btw

confessions of a medical student said...

10kg!! how nice.. got someone to carry the bag for you somemore... so, the bodyguard also got servant..

Darren Lee said...

Clarissa: Ya i also feel like keeping one at home..hehe

Jing: Hmm dun think I can reveal his identity ler..

shinyin: Have to la..of I were to carry it, I'll have SOB and profuse sweating..then not cool dy..hehehe

confessions of a medical student said...

haha... you could use your magic powers to make the bag float.. or suddenly grow legs and walk.... that would be cool! =P

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