Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Article is in Newsletter!

Thanks to Tiffany, the Editor of the UCSI's newletter for the invitation, that I'd have the chance to share my article on her university's newsletter (issue Nov-Dec 08).

I've read through the newsletter and I think it's really a nicely done work. Good job to Tiffany and her team!=)

My article. Modified from my post "What exactly is Housemanship?".

Hope the students will like it ;)
Indeed I'm so glad to be able to share the article, and certainly will hope to contribute more in the future!=)

P/S: The article was modified a bit so that it sounds less "emotional" and I added a small paragraph at the end of it:
"Words from author:
Please take note that I did not mean long hours of working are good. Efforts are being made to cut down our working hours as it is really tiring. What I am trying to say is, before you're disappointed with the current working system, think first whether you can learn something from it, and also take the chance to train yourself physically and mentally, then you'll find it a good challenge rather than a torture!"


Tiffany said...

Thanks Darren for the nice review. Our team is small but we try to do our best. Nobody has any experience in this. So we are very eager for feedback. The med students are thrilled to find out more about the current working condition and Housemanship. They are like OMG! It sounds awfully tiring. And they keep asking who is Dr.Darren?

Darren Lee said...

Tiff: Hmm hope it wasn't too scary to them! haha..but it's good to get mentally prepared before you start it.
Asking about who I am? Maybe they can know more by droppin by here! ha=D

daniel said...

Good work Darren. It gives us an insight of how a doctor's life is. Dr Darren the Magic Guy on the road to fame ya? He =p

confessions of a medical student said...

i think on-calls are fine... we have on-calls even during med school itself.. UNPAID on-calls... funny,i grew to like the calls, coz you see a lot during the odd hours of the night... but back-to-back calls for 4 days?? wow!!! a little crazy weh..

an interesting article you have there... honestly, before entering med school, i had no idea medical life would be so tough.. i thought perhaps only the studying and HO-ship is tough.. but later, i learned that, it's life-long.. even MO-ship, post-grad, specialist.. no matter how far you go, you still have to work that long hours... 9-5 job?? in your dreams, maybe? unless you go into research or academic..

but honestly, if ask yourself, if you opt for a 9-5 job, one would still complain of stuffs like: boring, not challenging, too many politics, not meaningful, etc... humans never stop complaining...

p/s: i can't believe you added - a typical Aquarius at the end of the article (bottom left), hehe.. what's a typical Aquarius lah?

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