Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dance with Crutches?

I sorta came across this on Youtube and I was deeply captivated (make sure you watch till it finishes):

A long "Wooow"? I initially thought this is just so cool and the guy must be a genius. But I had one thing to ask, as most of the ppl would, that "Does he really need the crutches?" Then I read a little more about him at his website. Then I was stunned.

Bill Shannon, aka the "Crutch Master", has bilateral hip deformity due to Perthes disease. He then invented a unique technique for dancing on crutches - called Shannon technique that derived from his experience in their use as a mobility aid. For years, Bill has been a renowned dancer and choreographer and has motivated thousands of ppl around the world.

Take a look at his another clip:

Determination makes things possible.

How inspiring!


ccc said...


xL said...

This is so damn cool....

It is so inspiring... for me as occupational therapist to see this!!

I still remembered I "dance" with one of my clients/patients during therapy session. =P

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, u're from malaysia right? if u are.. where do you get ur bikes from? n for how much?

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