Friday, October 31, 2008

Master Close-up Magician

Jean-Pierre Vallarino, one of the greatest world-class close-up magicians, with his famous routine. His elegant way of handling the cards are definitely the smoothest of all that I've seen. Enjoy the clip of his classical act!;)

This is a clip that I filmed in 2005, during my first ever major show, the KENT event. That last part when I did my card revelations, it's actually a combination of what I learnt from Jean Pierre, plus some of my own ideas. I really wish I can do as smooth as he does one day..keep on practising!=)


LZ said...

Wow..this is really amazing! :D

confessions of a medical student said...

the first video is impressive!
i can't view the second view though..

Darren Lee said...

lz: Glad you like it!=)

shinyin: Hmm probably need to refresh and see again..;)

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