Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Doctors - The Most Difficult Patients?

I'm wondering if you agree with this statement? Well, through what I've seen or heard, I think I now do agree with it. I've encountered:

A doc who smokes and with cigarette's smell whenever he speaks. And he tells, "You know, it's very difficult to quit this. Easier said than done."

A doc who's diagnosed leukemia and get frustrated and refused all chemoradiotherapy. Finally he said, "You know, honestly, I never believed in all these treatment."

A pregnant doc who's admitted for acute pulmonary edema secondary to severe pre-eclampsia. Being asked about why BP was so uncontrolled, she said, "I just don't feel like taking the medications..."

A doc who has been having intermittent per rectal bleeding but has never sought any investigation or treatment simply because, "You don't have to counsel me. I won't go and check...I'm afraid to know the diagnosis."

A child with G6PD deficiency presented with acute hemolysis, after taken Fava beans from his parents, who's surprisingly medical personnel. The reason was given as, "I have no choice..child kept on crying and nagging, and so I gave him a little bit..just a little bit only..."

A young doc who's been having progressively worsening ankle swelling, and diagnosed thyrotoxic cardiomyopathy, admitted that he actually had the onset of hyperthyroid symptoms 6 months earlier. His explanation to the delay for seeking treatment, "My work is so hectic. Where to find time to really check?"

A middle-aged doc came with slighly high BP (160/90), and by himself he took 3 tabs of Nifedipine 10mg (a dangerously high stat dose which may lead to rapid BP drop and subsequent stroke). When being asked to justify what he did, "I have been practising for more than 20 years. I know what I'm doing!" said by him impatiently.

I'm sure there are many more stories.

So, are doctors the most difficult patients?
I think you find it not easy to deny the statement now.


Jing said...

good one!!!

sing said...

haha! Looking at the title alone I am already answering a big yes.
Further reading makes me say a double yes yes.
But not all are like this kua..

p/ bout you ler?

confessions of a medical student said...

TOTALLY AGREE!! Doctors and medical personnel are the WORST patients!!

confessions: i have asthma, but i am never compliant to my preventers (steroid inhalers), i have allergic rhinitis, but i never use my nasal spray (super uncomfortable), i have atopy eczema and was advised to avoid shellfish, but shellfish are too irresistable, so i abused anti-histamines instead... haha!

and to think, everyday i advise patients on the importance of drug compliance!! haha! they'll never know~ =P

永恒の星 said...

doctors hard to accept that they're having diseases..and somehow, doesn't want to get treated and..said those 'i dun believe those stupid nonsense treatment at all'..who knows what's the mindset they have actually??

mich said...

see la....
knw how to burukkan ur own profession d...
*no eye see*
dowan to see docs also d...
all tipu ppl one... XP

Ik said...

#6 is true

Darren Lee said...

Hey mich: What "tipu ppl"? Things can simply eat, but words cannot simple say wo..hehehe

3POINT8 said...

and i thought aliens were the most difficult patients.

mich said...

if it good hor..the doc also sure take it mah rite??
see....somebody tak habis antibiotics also werrt...*wink*

next time ah..if doc prescribe me the meds ah...for common disease ah...i will ask him/her whether when u are sick did u finish the course of meds... XP

sei mou?? haha

MedicBoyz said...

can agree more,
most difficult to deal with, n most not compliant to treatment,

confessions of a medical student said...

indeed, compliance is not easy..

p/s: mich, if you ever, EVER get an antibiotics-resistant strain, don't blame your doctor =P

shelbybaby said...

darren, ur site is da bomb! totally gonna link you up. viva doctors! we're so gonna take over the world :D

p.s: lurve them mnemonics. gonna catat them into my baby-book!

Darren Lee said...

medicboyz & shinyin: Ya's a secret among us..hehehe

shelbybaby: Thnx for dropping by! Glad that you've linked me..nice blog you have too!=)

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