Saturday, September 27, 2008

HO, MO and Specialist (2)

Case 1

During ward round. MO's talking to an elderly patient rather loudly.
MO: "Uncle, what medications are you taking?!"
Specialist: "Hey, is that the way you're supposed to talk to pt? Must ask politely la." Turned to patient, "Hello uncle, may I know what medications are you taking?"
Pt: "Huh?"
Specialist: "Sorry uncle, I was asking what medications are you taking?"
Pt: "Huh?"
Specialist: "(raised the tone) Uncle! I'm asking you what medications are you taking ok!"
Pt: "Oh oh..i'm taking atenolol and metformin."

Specialist turned to MO and HO, "See, some patients if you don't raise your voice ah, they won't answer you one."

MO and HO: "......"

Case 2

During departmental meeting. Big bosses were making jokes about pharmaceutical companies.
HOD: "You all heard about '3F'? Something the drug representatives like to provide to buy our hearts. One is food, one is flattering, the last one I can't remember. Hopefully not something obscene."
Everyone got the joke and laughed out.

HOD turned to a blur-looking HO, "You know what are we talking about ah? What is the 3rd F?"
HO: "(answering seriously) Ah..err..Is it flatulence?"

Everyone: "......"

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peanut said...

er.. i'm trying to think of the 3rd F. heard some stories about this from those private docs outside before but i don't really know whether it is true.. wat is it lah!

Zzzyun said...

it can't be what im thinking...right..

coz how are they gonna provide that woh..?

confessions of a medical student said...

i'll like to think of Fundings first before obscene things... or whatever F word they may possibly provide.. haha!

shawn, the Boleh-man said...

good ones...

cc said...

MM.... a F word, what could it be?! ;)

LiNg LinG said...

haha ..damn lar ..

Darren Lee said...

ling ling: damn lar? Missed some words isit?=)

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