Sunday, September 21, 2008

Are You Sure This is "Love"?

"KATE MOSS’s little girl loves the smell of petrol fumes, says mum — who’s been partial to a sniff herself over the years.

Kate said that when she fills up she has to leave the car door open so Lila Grace, five, can catch a whiff.

Kate has just released new fragrance Velvet Hour and said of her daughter’s habit: 'I’ve heard it is one of the most preferred scents in the world — maybe that’s something to study for my next fragrance.'

Perhaps trendy Diesel might be interested in marketing that one.
And Kate gushed: 'I really miss Lila when I’m away — though I try not to be away for more than two nights.'

'I love her more than anything in the whole wide world.' "

- News from The Sun

This is just too bizarre. Instead of discouraging this gas-sniffing act to turn into a dangerous habit, this modern mum actually encourage whom she "loves more than anything" to indulge it?

Two very contradictory things, I think I just don't get it.

Love, anyone?


Ulat said...

tis feller muz b mad la..
I wonder wad is to become of d little gal in d future with all this gas sniffing habits...

peanut said...

this is loving the wrong way?

but when my mum caned me last time, maybe those are the 'love the right way'...


meaning those tat hurt us now love us more? wakaaaa complicated.. LOL

hminho said...

good old kate :)

cc said...

She probably thinking that's nothing wrong with it being an addict herself. The bizarre world of the celebrities.

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