Monday, September 22, 2008

The "Ada-ada" Syndrome

Ya, another newly-defined syndrome. To diagnose this, you need to learn some key phrases:

"ada-ada" means "got got"
"Kadang-kala" means "sometimes"
"Sikit-sikit" means "a little bit".

A typical conversation will be like this:

Dr: "So you said you've been feeling giddy these 2 days..any headache?"
Pt: "Ada."

Dr: "Severe throbbing kinda pain?"
Pt: "Ada-ada."

Dr: "Ok..what about fever?"
Pt: "Ada-ada-ada."

Dr: "Feel like vomiting?"
Pt: "Kadang-kala ada."

Dr: "Hmm..blurring of vision?"
Pt: "Sikit-sikit ada."

Dr: "Woo..(don't tell me you also have) abnormal jerking movement?"
Pt: "Oh..kadang-kala ada sikit-sikit."

Dr: "Then this is something serious. You need to be admitted for investigation."
Pt: (frightened) Oh no need la. Actually my problems are just little bit and sometimes only. No medication also nevermind. Maybe I just need to rest.

Can you give me MC for 1 week ah?"

Ya, there you go. When the word "MC" comes out, you know you're seeing the "Ada-ada" syndrome, a.k.a "Give-me-MC" syndrome. Very commonly seen, not easy to diagnose and quite difficult to treat. Basically they'll say "yes" to all symptoms, but in the end MC is the only treatment that they want.

I'll share some tips on handling this "disease" in my next post. =)


J2Kfm said...

haha ... not MENGada-ada syndrome? :)

Zzzyun said...

haha i've seen ppl like that at my dad's clinic..

and some give very good symptoms though, but are blatanly lying abt how sick they are when they appear in perfect good health when u are taking history from them. no sign of the cough tat made them cudnt sleep at nite etc..

and omg, some are not much older than me but they are virtually sick all the time! o.O how can one believe leh...? aikz.

MCs def will be a problem to handle in the future..

3POINT8 said...

Hey doc, after paying a visit to your blog, I'm feeling abit unwell lar... I think eye strain lar~~~
Can give me MC for a month ar?

Darren Lee said...

j2kfm: Ya i thought of that also..haha..but I put "ada-ada" coz this is really what you get from them for everything that you ask..

zzzyun: Ya in GP clinic it's even more common..some are "rejected" from the clinic then they come to govn hosp..thinking we can be more "mercy" haha..

3.8: You want "cyber MC" isit? Or you wanna be the first blogger who get diagnosed "ada-ada" syndrome? hehe

JunJun-Riko said...

haha.. doctor.. i also want MC wor.. can or not??? ^^

p53 said...

good stuff- really funny.

bt said...

the worst case I met is a young man presented with 'painful' callus over his feet n requested for MC!!!Boleh tak? LANGSUNG TAK BOLEH!

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