Sunday, August 24, 2008

Million Dollar Question

Ya I have a million dollar MCQ here. Choose the best answer:

It's 4am. Sleeping time for every normal human. Somehow (I really dunno how), you realized your lips are quite dry. Maybe cracked a little bit. You will:

A. Continue to sleep.
B. Drink more water.
C. Get up from sleep, drive to hospital emergency department and see doctor.
D. Call ambulance to come get you to go hospital to see doctor.

If you choose either A or B, it's very likely that you're doing something normal ppl will do. If you chose either C or D, and so happen that you're seen by a tired mad doc, beware that you stand a high chance to get admitted. Yes admitted for dry lips. To a special ward. It's called psychiatric ward.

I have no idea what's in certain patients' mind nowadays. This "tragedy" happened to me, that while I was doing night shift, having seen all the crazy cases that drained me physically and mentally dried, I still had to see all the "non-emergency cases" that came in continuously. (Night shift is something scary, that one people is covering all 3 zones).

So I was very, truly deeply shocked by this young man, 24 year-old, healthy-looking, came to casualty at 4am, telling me that he found his lips dry, and slightly cracked. And pls believe in me that, HE HAS NO OTHER COMPLAINTS. I examined him with my widest imagination of all possibility of diseases but in the end the final diagnosis would just be: cracked lips. Treatment - the simplest being "pls drink more water", or if not, maybe a lip balm can help.

4am. Cracked lips. Drink more water will do.
Can someone tell me what's the urgency to see doc?! This is not something normal people will usually do right..

Sooner or later, maybe it's the poor doc who'd be forced to go mad and be admitted to psychiatric ward!=)


Zzzyun said...

hey.. i really cant believe this. i was half hoping that thr wud be a twist at the end, tat u'll say "just kidding" or smtg!

but omg it's true. why wud a young apparently healthy guy do that? siao~~

Darren said...

zzzyun, that's prepared to see all kinds of things that you won't understand..=p

Ulat said...

tat feller is juz soooooo funny leh~
btw, y didnt u refer him to psychiatric ward la?? =P

BeverLy's Secret said...

OMG!!! Rushing to a emergency room for cracked lips treatment?
damn psycho!!!

choyyin forever said...

Luckily i am still normal... hahha

J2Kfm said...

probably he's in dire need of attention. or he was sleepwalking? :)

eelainee said...

put ryle's tube, CBD on him, set big branula, as much as you can in all the visible veins... and see how will he feel....
since he has dry lips and this is the management of dehydration ma... muhahahahah....

psycho vs psycho!!!! hurray!!! :p

shinyin_jocelyn said...

that guy really got into you, didn't he? haha! maybe he secretly hates you.. or maybe he's gay and secretly admired you... (haha! -kidding lar) or maybe he had oral sex with his regular gay partner and found his lips dry, painful and cracked after that, and was too embarrassed to tell you the story and his non-medical friend told him a horrifying story about chancre, syph and all?? you'll never know..

Darren said...

ulat: I almost lost control and did that..^^

Beverly: YES HE IS!!

Choyyin: Dun worry, everyone else is more normal than him hehe=)

j2kfm: I once thought he's sleepwalking also..but he drove there wo..

eelaine: If i did that, then both of us will be admitted to psy ward. Happy together^^

shinyin: Secretly admire me? err..good differential Dx but i'm not into it lerr..heheheh

ccc said... many psychos as there could be, most people would not rush to hospital to wait for long hours and torture themselves (as well as the poor doctor) in the middle of the night.

Maybe he has other concerns. Maybe there is hidden agenda. And maybe, when he sees your tired face, he suddenly decided not to tell. Upon reflection, sometimes, or maybe a lot of times, we may not be too tactful especially when one is tired. He may feel as upset as you.

At 4am, hmmm... let me think... How about ED? Or Shinyin could be right. Hehe...

Darren said...

ccc: Ha nola i didn't really put up a tired/angry-looking face to scare him la..i did probe alot for his real concern..and eventually it's really that as his main complaint, that's why i felt "..." haha;)

Yew TW said...

u let him go just like that?
damn, u should have jabbed him with something or stitched up his cracked lips with silk and asked him to come back at 4 am 3 days later for STO. :D

Darren said...

Haaaha good one yew=)
Ok tmr i'll make a follow-up call to him and ask whether his cracked lips has healed and if it hasn't, i'll tell him,
"Ini masalah besar la. Kena refer ke hosp Seremban. Sini memang tak boleh manage dah. Sana ada satu dr Yew, dia pandai jahit mulut punya. Ok?"


eelainee said...

i agree with yew... cannot just let this type of patient playing fool around... imagine if they request for admission? How will the physician going to do?
Yew, just JAB him with water....

Yew TW said...

welcome welcome!

Darren said...

Errr..hmm..aha*dry laugh*. Calm people, calm.

Ok from what i observed, from now on, i can't call myself mad doc anymore.
Now the mad doc list no.1: Dr.Yew
No.2: Dr Elaine.

My "madness" is so insignificant if compared to theirs..haaaaha

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