Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Doctor & Patient (3) - Frustrating Chapter

Case 1

9 year-old boy complained of mild giddiness.
On examination, he's perfectly fine.

Doc: "He doesn't really need medication.."
Mother: "Huh? No medication? Nothing at all?"
Doc: "Hmm..alright..." (planned to give some vitamins)
Mother: "But is it ok for him to take medication? He's still small right..."
Doc: "That's what i said, no need medication."
Mother: "But what if he feel giddy again? At least give something.."
Doc: "So actually you prefer me giving medication or not?"
Mother: "How I know? I'm not the doctor. It's up to you..."
Doc: "Then no need medication."
Mother: "Huh? No medication? Nothing at all?"
Doc: "......"
Neverending story...

Case 2

18 year-old young man.

Pt: "I noticed something wrong with my..testes."
Doc: "Oh..which is?"
Pt: "The left one is lower than the right."
Doc: " only noticed it recently?"
Pt: "Ya..during yesterday's shower. Something's wrong isn't it?"
Doc: "It's perfectly normal."
Pt: "(Doubtful) Is it? Coz I asked my dad, he also said it's not normal."
Then the dad came in, "Doc, do you think you can refer him to a specialist?"
Doc almost fainted.

(What you think will happen if this is referred to a specialist? It'll become a national news man!) Lesson - Bring your anatomy book around during clinic. You never know when you'd need to show "proof" to the patient.

Case 3

17 year-old girl comes for a urine pregnancy test.

Pt: "I'm afraid i'm pregnant. I missed my period this month."
Doc: " got a bf?"
Pt: "Ya..."
Doc: "Were you..together with him last month?"
Pt: "Ya..."
Doc: "Ok understood. Ya let's check your urine."

Urine pregnancy test negative.
Doc: "Hmm it's negative. Actually, the 'together' you meant was..."
Pt: (started crying)
Doc: "It's ok..don't worry you can tell me..."
Pt: "He kissed me.."
Doc: "Kissed...hmm...(pls don't tell me that) you mean kiss ONLY?"
Pt: "Ya I already told him not to but he still kissed me..I'm so worried I might get pregnant...(sobbing)"
Doc: "......"

Doc feels like crying, too.

* This incident just happened this evening in the casualty. I'm really wondering what's wrong with the current sex education system. Apparently, she asked her mom and her mom also asked her to come for the pregnancy test. Sigh.

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shinyin_jocelyn said...

kissing can get pregnant? OMG! you can't be serious, she actually believed in that...

tell you another joke:

ANATOMY MCQ EXAM (1st year students)
a. the left testes is lower than the right

*half of the students crowded in the gents, half way through the exam. well, the other half were females.. and no, fyi, this did not happen in ukm...*

宏轩 said...

haha... it's funny...
thx for sharing and entertaining... hehehe

Darren said...

OMG shinyin isit true? I really thought this is a general knowledge la..that's why the young man is considered very late in discovering it..1st year student also? haha dunno what to say la

cc said...

There's basically no sexual education to speak of. Most of us just discover it on our own. Most parents are too embarrassed to talk about it. Sad really.

Darren said...

宏轩: You're welcome. It's your turn soon to face all these funny stories..=)

cc: That's y..but i think we do have (minimal) sexual education in high school but it's like..only one class? the precious only one haha

J2Kfm said...

haha ... typical of Malaysian's sex edu system. I myself learned through various channels, NOT through the syllabus. =P

mich said...

ur patients really make me a day after all the boring classes and the hectic jams i need to go through this morning..
goodness me!how can they not know how a baby come to this world..
we learnt it during our form3 days la..since i am older than ur dat 17y.o patient....LOL!!!!!!!!

Zzzyun said...

omg! i wonder why the boy was so late in discovering it!! and his dad didnt know as well. -_-

and the girl and her mother. *pening*

Darren said...

j2kfm: Your "various channels" made me wondering..what kinda channels..LOLz

mich: Ya i also remember it's during form 3..she must has skipped the go for kissing..wuahaa

zzzyun: Ya sometimes you'll be surprised tat some parents also blind leading the blind..;)

moo_t said...

Case 1
I though doctor will keep some placebo ? To stubborn people that insists to get something to put in their mouth ;)

Case 2
Woot... hahahahaha

Case 3

Oh..... But you never know, human nature will find way to forbidden foods. You never know when youngster say "kissing", when actually they already did it.

And there is no education to teach the youngster to protect themselves.

Darren said...

moo_t: Ha ya tat's what i initially planned to give..some placebo then she started to worry whether the boy is too young to take medications. Basically she just keeps on changing her mind and to handle such patient during busy hours is really difficult ha

ccc said...

Dun b so frus la. They are just trying hard to add colours to your days. Hahaha... XP

Yuen said...

Case 1: A very common occurence in Malaysia, don't you think? *sigh*

Case 2: LOL. Talk about retaining/protecting the "family jewels"....

Case 3: *cries with Doc* =\

Adzrul Ariff said...

Case 3 makes me cry laughing too hard. :)) I can still pretty much accept the girl not knowing, but the MOM??

j-love said...

it's hilarious !!!

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