Thursday, July 10, 2008

Welcome to the Mad House

This is what happened when supposingly 3 ppl doing the shift, but one went to do the post-mortem and one went to attend some courses. Left a poor doc in the department, running like a mad dog.

"Doctor, patient's BP high la..260/120mmHg. Complained of vision blurring."

"Doctor, patient complained of chest pain la..ECG looks not good."

"Doctor! Patient's fitting! Fitting!"

"Doctor, I think you should see this first..per vaginal bleeding..still actively bleeding la.."

"Doctor, patient's collapsing..BP's down to 60/30mmHg! Wanna start inotropes?"

"Doctor, MVA case, severe head injury."

"Doctor, call for you from district clinic to consult."

"Doctor, the green zone patient said she's waiting for quite long already..she said if she go back later during lunch time the traffic very jammed one.."

"Doctor, patient's fitting again! Fitting!"

"Doctor, just to let you know, later got third-degree burn patient coming. Got THREE."

"Doctor, the uncle very tachypneic la..SPO2 85%, on high-flow oxygen already.."

"Doctor, can you see me first ah, I'm a hospital staff la. I feel veerrrry pening today. Can you write me a MC ah? Now can ah? Now ya.."

"Doctor, patient collapsed! Quick!"










"Doctor are you ok? Are you ok?!"




"Help! Everyone help! Doctor's collapsed!! Quick!"

The end.

P/s: Of corz, the last part didn't happen. Docs are not allowed to collapse during work, no matter how tired, as one of the work rules.
Enjoy the mad house.


s i n g said... handling all..super crazy!

Hmm...Let me guess..and that poor doctor is you lor?? haha!

Darren said...

Ya they left me alone on that day=(
I pray it'll not happen again ever. Got phobia dy ha.

eelainee said...

wah... you really superb la....
will pray for you everyday k?

ChocolateLover said...

yup, it's pretty headache and tense if the department lack of staffs especially during those peak hours.. good luck to u!! :)

joan said...

working in madhouse, hope u dun get mad man :) i think the Dr (forgot what name) in House episode is mad man. haha :P

Darren said...

Ok..i think i better get myself some regular psychiatric assessment haha=)

mich said...

woah...geng worrr u...clap clap for u..u are the hero for the day! :P

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