Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pachelbel's Canon (Canon in D)

Read a post in shinyin's blog which she was playing her piano. I think she did a very fine performance.

I'm sure everyone's familiar with the song?
Pachelbel's Canon (also known as Canon in D major), is the most famous piece of music by Johann Pachelbel. It was written in or around 1680, during the Baroque period, as a piece of chamber music for three violins and basso continuo, but has since been arranged for a wide variety of ensembles. (i'm not that good with history, this piece of info is from Wikipedia lol)

This music has been played with various instruments, and all are widely acceptable. I just wanna share a few clips:

A version with electric guitar. This guy is amazing. I've seen this clip on youtube few years back, and now it has already got over 40 millions view. Very very nice.

Legend in the making. Sungha Jung, a Korean boy who's extraordinarily talented.

And this is the last clip that I wanna share. Not about Canon but, is he not amazing? He just showed us that with strong determination, nothing's impossible!

A superhero in real life.


s i n g said...

Wow! The guy with electric guitar --> 帅到爆!!!

Darren said...

Ya..damn cool..wondering whether some music company has signed him up..he can get famous for sure, no doubt.

Joethew said...

haha..Jerry C ya..very geng,no doubt!:)

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