Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Fav Song..and It's M'sian Product!

Well, I could be outdated..but who cares. The song i'm putting now, is one I really like, and have been addicted to it for reaaaally quite sometimes. First time when I heard it, i really thought it's from some Taiwanese singers. (No offense to M'sian singers, but this really sound different..i mean, much better actually hehe)

Until I found out it's a song called "一起飞" by Henley 许俾文 with 陈威全. I guess they're some "Superstar" winners..ha pls correct me if i'm wrong, and pls forgive me for bit of losing touch with the current entertainment field status (i'm getting old...)

Anyway, just wanna share the song and hope you'll like it too!=)


s i n g said...

quite nice a song! thx o!

Ohya..btw, Henley is from 《绝对Superstar》 but 陈威全 is from Astro新秀大赛》.This song is recorded in Henley's 1st album (想飞). Hehe, actually I also don't know much,(basically I only know well about Mayday's songs only..keke) and the above info is from the search I did just now. :p

Darren said...

Oh i see..thanks thankksss! Next time i can tell more bout the song when i share with others dy hehe..Sing u're the best!;p

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