Sunday, July 20, 2008

Miracle (2)

"An Indian man has survived an operation to remove a 1.5-metre (five-foot) long iron bar that stabbed right through his chest, reports said Friday, calling it a medical miracle.

The rod was lying on a construction site when the taxi Supratim Dutta was travelling in smashed into it on Saturday.The bar crashed through the car's bonnet and dashboard before hitting the 23-year-old, who was sitting in the car's front passenger seat, The Times of India said. It measured 10 centimetres by 10 centimetres (four inches by four inches).

The man remained conscious and called family and friends from his mobile phone while he waited at the scene for an hour before being taken to hospital, the newspaper reported.

"I was shocked to see him. He was on the stretcher holding the iron angle. Groaning in pain, he kept asking people to move aside so that the angle (of the rod) wasn't disturbed," Tej Prakash, one of the first doctors to see Dutta, was quoted by the paper as saying."

- news from Indian man survives after iron rod pierces chest

Another miracle!

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interest only loans said...

Ive read this somewhere else.

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Darren said...'s a news on 17th or 18th..found this out slightly later ha;)

s i n g said...

Guess when there's hope, there's always a miracle huh? :)

Darren said...

You're right sing..hope is something u can never lose in medical field! *firmly*

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