Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mad Referrals (2)

Mad referrals are back! Recently i saw these two:

(I think i can put the whole content here because it's very "simplified")

"Dear doctor,
Thank you for seeing this 14 year-old girl, who's previously well,
currently unwell.
Kindly do the needful."

Look at this. Fantastic isn't it. Patient's problem is perfectly summarized. I just feel like replying to him, "Dear doc, thanks for your referral. I think, hmm, if patient comes to see me, you think I dunno she's unwell??! Next time you can just omit your referral letter thank you."

I saw a 29 year-old gentleman in casualty. Had a short chatting while i opened the referral letter. I almost fell from the chair when i saw the diagnosis: "Imp: Acute myocardial infarction (AMI)"

You know why I was so surprised? Because, from the chatting, he told me that after he saw the GP, he rode his motorbike, went home and took a shower, then rode motorbike again and came.

First thing, 29 year old is quite unlikely to have heart attack. (I then checked the ECG stat, it was just a high take-off in only one chest lead, and the clinical picture was more suggestive of costochondritis.)

The problem is, when you think that someone has a MI, it's an EMERGENCY, no doubt. Your reaction won't be like, "Hey, I think you're having heart attack..faster take your bike and go to hospital ok?"
"Can I go back home and take a bath first ah?"
"Hmm..can la but after your bath, faster take your bike and go to hospital ok?"

Make no sense isn't it. MI patient should never drive, and there should never be any delay in getting treatment. Time loss=muscle loss, remember. But of corz, luckily this was not really a MI patient, if not the GP is gonna be in deep, deeeep trouble.

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Zzzyun said...

omg this is so funny. i might be only a 3rd year med student. but even i know tat MI patients are an emergency case.. must straightaway send to hosp!!

but perhaps it was the patient who didnt listen to the GP and went home to take bath then drive himself thr?

and funnylah the first referral. might as well not write anything at all. =P

PS: i've already linked u as well! =)

yenjai said...

Kesian your time in reading those letters

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