Monday, July 14, 2008

Interesting Chest Xray (3)

This is a Xray of a 60 year-old lady who presented with severe breathlessness. It's pretty straightforward, think a 4th/5th year medical student should be able to describe it. It's basically a massive pleural effusion of left lung with mediastinal shift. But what I wanna show here is the marked trachea deviation, and if you look closely, even the carina can be seen!

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shawn, the Boleh-man said...

darren, my surgical boss consulted the counterpart at teluk intan, and we sent the patient over there. so i have no idea how it was taken out.
i heard, maybe got to open up...

Darren said...

Ya..most likely has to be invasive..not sure whether endoscopic removal is possible.

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