Thursday, July 31, 2008

HO, MO and Specialist

Case 1

Specialist: "HDL and LDL stands for?"
HO: "High-density lipoprotein and Low-density lipoprotein."
MO: "Highly-desirable lipid and life-destroying lipid."
Specialist looked at MO, "Not're right."

Case 2

Specialist: "What's idiopathic?"
HO: "Means no cause is found."
MO: "It's a diagnosis of exclusion, after you've ruled out every other causes."
Specialist: "Right, so if you simply use this diagnosis, it means you are an idiotic doc treating a pathetic patient. Hence the word idiopathic."
HO & MO: "......"

Case 3

Child's coughing vigorously.
HO: "Is that barking cough?"
MO: "OMG what did you just say? You can't even differentiate how barking cough is like? You should go back to your school and learn again. Barking cough is such a basic knowledge, and don't make me laugh by saying that is it OKAY."

Specialist passed by..."Did you all hear that? It's a TYPICAL barking cough. One should never miss that ya. Very typical."

HO looked at MO, MO looked at ceiling.

(Note!: In this case, I wasn't the MO k. Just to clarify lolz)

Case 4

HO: "This patient presented with SOB..."
Specialist: "I hate ppl using short forms. What is SOB?"
HO: "Shortness of breath..."
Specialist: "But it can mean son of bitch also right? Why you so bad saying ppl got SOB?"


Zzzyun said...

lol. i heard the first one abt LDL and HDL before.

i dunno if u ever had Dr.Archike as ur lecturer before, but he was the one who taught us the easy way to rmb tat..haha

Jing said...


Kiwi-Bird said...

LOL!!! Good sharing.
Case 2 is very lame, hehehehe!

reno_hao said...

case 2 specialist must be a great fan of Dr. House...hehe!

J2Kfm said...

haha .... gee, guess the MO's must have somehow stepped on your tail? :)

Darren said...

Surprised! Why no one commented on the case 3&4 one? I myself find the case 4 the's by an orthopedic surgeon..;)

angchoonseong said...

Son.Of.Bitch, good one. Haha.

worrywart said...

lol.. gosh.. are all M.Os/ specialists out to get you?(if those were true stories)
i'm a 4th yr med student frm a russian uni..since we only have about a mth's worth of clinical experience every year we come back for summer hols,... it's daunting... very daunting.

Darren said...

worrywart: 4th year from russian uni? back for summer hol? Then I guess you're JingLing's batchmate?=)
Just some 6th sense heeh..might be wrong;p

JunJun-Riko said...

lol.. im not in medicine, but this is one really nice joke. XD

worrywart said...

i'm from moscow medical academy... i don't think i've heard of her before.. maybe she's in russian state medical uni?
i'm currently doing my attachment in klang hospital... did putrajaya last year.. and comparatively, i've learnt much more in klang.. but it all depends on the H.O/M.O... some are just not bothered even when u ask.. but some are incredibly nice and helpful.
i might decide to pay rm700 next year to do it in HUKM... it's a teaching hospital right? so i'm hoping to learn more there.. how is the system there exactly?

Darren said...

Oops, my 6th sense got salah. hehe. Ya JingLing is a 4th year in a Russian medical of my good friends.
Hmm i'm not too sure about HUKM sorry..but how come you have attachment so frequent one? almost yearly? I only had once during my clinical years.

worrywart said...

which uni are you from? and which uni exactly is she from?
haha... it's not really compulsory.. it's an elective.. hey, it's the only practical training we'll ever get! and we only get to do it once a year! in russia, we are mostly theory-based... all books and no hands-on... there'll be a patient or two but what we know is mostly from books..and medicine is not all about cramming details into your head..
while local students are already smooth in clerking patients, withdrawing blood, inserting chest tubes, etc... we russian grads would still be struggling to get used to the clerking system.
believe it or not, i have only clerked one patient thruout my 4th year in russia.sad but true.

Darren said...

worrywart: I'm from IMU. Dude, why don't you come to taiping hospital? I'll teach you whatever you need to know hehe. And there are plenty of chances to do procedures here too.
Nah, i've never seen a fresh grad who can do a chest tube smoothly. Ha. But clerking and blood taking is fundamental though. Don't worry, just try to learn as much during ur attachment! All the best=)

worrywart said...

i've done lots of blood-taking lately, the obvious ones are easy but the veins which are 'deep' gets tricky...and got the format for clerking a patient today, just the rough outlines.
whoa, taiping is so far away.. i would have to stay at the taiping YMCA if i were to do my attachment there, haha.
yeah, i guess i'll do my best, try to sponge in everything i can.
when do imu students start clerking and everything? 3rd yr?

3R1N said...

we attend clinical postings 6 days a week in India. But have to clerk patients in the local indian language. hehe..
sadly no chance to do attachment back in msia as we have hardly any holidays. =( so never experienced msian healthcare.

Anne said...

I laughed really hard at these jokes until my oesophagus came out.HAHAHAH

Shyang said...

haha..i got tat S.O.B when i presented my first case to a cardiologist during my first clinical years..hahaha

now in ObsGyn...the MOGTT...many ppl tot it is Maternal OGTT, which actually is Modified OGTT

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