Sunday, July 13, 2008

Couple Jokes

Let's have some light moments. Saw these somewhere.

Wife: "Dear, we have married for so many years."
Husband: "Ya..."
Wife: "Tell me, which part of me you like the most? Is it my beautiful face or my gorgeous body?"
Husband: "...I think I like your sense of humour."

In an art gallery.
Wife: "I think the portraits are overall excellent."
Husband: "Ya..."
Wife: "But there was one I saw just now was simply terrible, the worst of all."
Husband: "...I think you were walking past a mirror."

A lady loves to sing loudly at home.
But whenever she sings, her husband will walk out to the balcony.
Wife asked, "Why must you stand there when I sing?"
Husband: "I have to. I want to let our neighbours see me, so that they won't think that i'm physically abusing you or something."
Wife: "......."


J2Kfm said...

hehe ... you are so gonna get flamed by the oppo sex! ;)

though that cracked me up.

Darren said... made me kinda worried now..hehe..well the oppo sex are always generous aren't they?

*by saying this, i think they'll forgive me hehehe=p

s i n g said...

"..well the oppo sex are always generous aren't they?" reading this, I forgive you. haha!

..but by saying this to ur gf/wife, she will never forgive you, at least not that soon..I guess. Haha! :p

Darren said...

I'll use some magic so that she won't see this post hehee

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