Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Beautiful (or Colourful?) Mind

Tell me what would you do if you were me.
Busy day. Admissions non-stop. Then I saw this patient (the unlucky me).

20 years old. Student nurse.

"Doctor, i noticed something funny with my stools. Over the past one week i've been passing darkish stool..but not really like malenic you know? More like dark BLUE..with some mucous..i'm not sure whether it's mixed with some tissue debris? And that day i also saw something orange colour..looks like the Vit C tablet that i took? Not fully digested..why like that ah?"

"Any blood?"

"Blood..yaya..that day after a difficult strain..i saw a few drops of bright red blood.."

"So isit black or red? I'm sure you know how malenic stool looks like..isit like that?"

"Hmm it looks like black but not really black..sometimes i even got green stool! *giggles*"

*Slightly nauseated* "Any abdominal pain?"

"Oh ya..i have left hypochondriac pain..but tak tentu one, sometimes like needle-pricking sensation, sometimes like spasm..then when the pain comes, i feel headache also, then giddy and feel like vomiting, but just mild one la.."

"Pain is localized?"

"Hmm..*hand make a 360 degrees round over the abdomen x2*, sometimes the whole abdomen also feel uncomfortable..ohya then my bowel habit, it's altered i think.."

"Like how?"

"Used to be twice a day, but now 3 times a day. I'm not sure if it's bcoz i'm eating more?*giggles*"

....this is just the 1st half of the history. Honestly, in a mad busy day, but you're stuck in seeing a patient like this, you'd really feel like killing yourself.

Noticed that she has already given more than 10 symptoms?
Basically the summary of the history is,

Non-specific abdominal pain with Rainbow-coloured stool. (Yup, a new medical term.)

Someone pls give me the diagnosis. (Or is that the diagnosis?)


J2Kfm said...

oh ... rainbow shit. now that's NEW. haha ...
I'm sure she has a vivid mind of her own. or the lights in her toilet somehow clouds her view.

sbanboy said...

I am lost for words ..... :)

That is why I should change department to research or admin or management ...hehe

Joethew said...

consult specialist then?(^V*)

Darren said...

Ya maybe i should suspect visual hallucination or somethin. anyway i've referred her to surgical outpatient..hope they can resolve the myth of rainbow stool hehe

宏轩 said...

brilliant diagnosis

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