Sunday, June 01, 2008

Testimonials from Induksi

After the magic performances in the Induksi, i've received some testimonials from the participants, which are very encouraging:

"Fantastic and amazing! Very impressive skill and successful performance. Your performance has uplifted the audience..and i'm very suprised that it comes from a medical doctor! Impressive!"
- Dr. Norzi, Hosp Selama

"Your magic is truly remarkable. The close-up magic with cards was really unbelievable..very skillful. I hope to see more in the future!"
- Dr. Vindhu, Hosp Tapah

"Magic's in the air! I'm truly impressed by Darren's magic that he performed to all the participants in the Induction course. The deftness of his fingers amazes me..the his magic just seems so real. I consider myself fortunate to have watched it live!"
- Ling SH, Pharmacist

"Darren's the doctor magician, his performance was indeed enjoyable and full of suspense, to the extent that I would not even blink my eyes to miss out any interesting parts.."
- Fong YY, Pharmacist

"Darren the 'witch doctor', his magic with cards are fascinating and cannot be explained!.."
- Dr. Tan, Hosp P Buntar

"Your magic is very interesting and fantastic, it really brings a lot of surprises. Thanks for showing me how to make impossible things become possible.."
- Dr. Kho, Dentist

Thanks alot for all, I really appreciate it. It's certainly my pleasure to have the opportunity to entertain you all, and i'm glad you enjoyed it. We shall meet again, and i still have a lot more magic to share!=)


J2Kfm said...

hey there! I went to Coral Bay for Induksi in March 2008. A session earlier, else I'd missed the whole spectacle.
Ironic thing was, there was another MO who LOVES practising and displaying magic to the crowd.
no brownie points for guessing what he did during the individual presentation segment. =)

btw, nice blog.

Darren said...

Hey there..guess wat, i think i know who he is! Dr Pey rite? Hehee..he's from Hosp taiping as fact he's my housemate! Now u know why he also plays magic haha..he has been "magicalized"=)

J2Kfm said...

yeah! I guess that's him. I'm sure he has recollection of some pharmacist, who's in group 1.
say hi, will ya?

Darren said...

Ya..everyone learns magic for a different purpose=p
I think he's still keepin in touch with the pharmacists haha

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