Friday, June 27, 2008

New Card Collection

Yay. New decks arrived!
Top (from left): Split Spades by David Blaine, blue, black and red Lion series, Bicycle Faded;
Bottom (from left): Bicycle Tragic Royalty, Split Spades, Bicycle Guardians

Split Spades are designed by David Blaine and are recognized as must-haves among card magicians. Lion series are the next generation of it, with even more excellent quality, revolutionary design and perfect finish. If you do notice, the "split spades" logo actually symbolizes david blaine's initials. So cool isnt' it.

Master sleight-of-hand magicians - Dan and Dave doing card flourishes with Split Spades.

Bicycle Guardians is another classic. It's designed and produced by theory 11, based on the classic Bicycle Rider Back's design, now the angels are given new images. With the signature air-cushion finish, the handling is simply..marvelous.

Have a look at another of my magic idol, Daniel Madison flourishing with Bicycle Guardians.

My hands just can't wait to "taste" the cards!


peanut said...

eh brother!!! where to get this? bought online??? they look awesome!! especially the bicycle guardians.. look so evil lah!

Darren said...

Yup online. i'll email u some good links later. Ya surely they look irresistable ha. Eh the bicycle guardians cannot look evil la..they're angels..see the wings lol

peanut said...

i went to ebay and surf yesterday, saw the bicycle ghost! it glows in the dark! but it is from uk, dunno how long it would take to reach me.

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