Sunday, June 29, 2008

Interesting Chest Xray (2)

This is an Xray of an 11 year-old boy, who presented with 4-month history of coughing, with intermittent fever and generalized lethargy. He has been in contact with his neighbour, who's an IV drug user with refractory chronic cough.

I guess you should be able to get the diagnosis now. His sputum AFB is >50/L (++++)! Bad pulmonary tuberculosis. Xray showed multiple cavitative lesions bilaterally with patchy consolidation in right middle zone.

Beware of your coughing neighbours!=p

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peanut said...

it is set to high penetrating, but where is the heart!!?!?!??!?? biar betul~

before i read the case i thought u did some magic and make the heart go disappear.

Darren said...

Ya it's overpenetrated. Can clearly see the whole spine. I made the heart disappear??? magic is not my field ler lol

Anonymous said...

just wondering...did the kid had his BCG? can someone who is vaccinated with BCG get full blown TB?

Darren said...

Can. BCG is highly effective against pulmonary TB as well as extra-pulm TB but it's not 100%. The effectiveness reported in recent literature is around 85-95%.

宏轩 said...

i thought BCG not really bring any protection to us...
juz it prevents us suffered from the complication of the miliary TB....???


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