Monday, June 09, 2008

18th Malaysian Congress of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Was invited to perform in the 18th M'sian Congress of Obs & Gyne, which took place in the Genting International Convention Centre in early June. This was my 2nd time performing in medical conference, after the Colorectal conference in Mar. I have a feeling that there will be more coming, and i hope the next one will be cardiology one! Ha. This time i partnered with my very good friend, Robin Lim, one of the top mentalists in town. And we found this combination of closeup card magic with walk-around mentalism superb!=)

I'm really really glad that I met so many of my former lecturers there..i was so excited to see Dato Siva! One of the super senior O&G consultants in the country, he's also my professor in IMU clinical school. Really miss his inspiring teaching so much!=)

Was doing my favourite transportation card routine and the reactions were just marvelous!=)

Had great fun entertaining the crowd! The first pic was taken with Dr Magendra, O&G consultant from Hosp Klang.

I'm much in love with performing magic in medical conference now. Getting to meet many seniors/colleagues and attending the conference at the same time while performing magic..the feeling is just so great. Look forward to performing again in the next conference!=)


Steve said...

last time i checked, prakash was still MO... a junior one at that... u sure he's a specialist now?

Darren said...

Oh haha no i'm not too sure actually..coz when i asked whether he's a specialist he didn't say no also..but he does look very young..hehe=)

peanut said...

hi.. just interested in asking, you learn the tricks from a special teacher or you kinda' research them urself?

i find the latter quite hard for me. Because it is like lack of the touch of how to do it properly. I only manage to visit the magic shop in pudu raya bus station whenever I'm back.

where to find good magics? :P

Darren said...

I dun have a special teacher=p
Ya it's kinda self-learning..hmm if you need some advices i'll drop u an email?=)

peanut said...

hi there.. thanks for such fast reply =)

i'll visit the forum and suck out as much info as i can. i watched ur magic video. we are like so far apart, i can't even 'open' my cards properly..

hmm. maybe u can tell me how u learn it? just by watching videos and non stop practicing?

peanut said...

i also learn from video. but the tricks progress are really slow. i went to the forum as well. haha.. i actually attempted the 'card through window' trick but using videos. not pass to be called a magic trick den. doing it in front of audience is dangerous and i watch david copperfield did it using video effects as well.

so senior, can recommend me some videos that i could download or a magician tricks for beginners like me?

oh. u can mail me at as well. thanks!

Darren said...

Ya i saw ur 'card thru window'. Nicely done actually. Isit the peter marvey's version?
Hmm i've too many videos in mind to recommend..but pls dun download original!=)
Prob i'll drop you a mail later. or u can mail me at too.

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