Friday, April 04, 2008

A Perfect Surgery HO

I finished my surgical posting 2 weeks ago..and i must say that it's the best posting ever. I've heard much of how nice it is and till I got there, it's still better than i expected. There, all MOs, specialists or even the head of dept will treat you like a friend! They respect your thoughts, concern about you/your life/family & everything..basically a very warm, supportive and motivating posting. I'm just gonna miss it a lot. (and esp wanna say big thanks to mohan, thinesh, calvin, mark & all other MOs, for guiding and helping me so much!)

And when i did some revisions about surgery, I came across this in the "Surgical Recall" book..gosh how could i not notice it's so funny! It's about what makes a "perfect" HO:

A Perfect Surgery intern/(house officer)

1. Never whines/ complains
2. Is never hungry, thirsty or tired
3. Is always enthusiastic
4. Is never late
5. Makes the intern/resident/chief look good at all times
6. Knows more about his patients than anyone else
7. Loves operation theatres, never wants to leave the hospital
8. Is the first one to arrive at clinic and the last one to leave
9. Reads from a surgery text everyday
10. Is confident but not cocky
11. RUNS for materials, lab values, test results etc before rounds
12. Smiles a lot and has a good sense of humour
13. Always writes the op note without question
14. Loves to do op and can never get enough

And this is the best..
15. Has a steel bladder, a cast-iron stomach, and a heart of gold!

Does such super HO ever exist?=)


mich said...

steel bladder??
not scared ah UTI?

Pauleon said...

haha i read the same thing. someone left the book in the surgical HO call room. (which in singapore general has two beds, for both the HOs on call.....)

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