Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Wonder of Magic

I've met a lot of people asking me, "Why did you want to learn magic?" "Is it for fame, money, or just feel like performing?" Till now i'd still take some times to think about the answer. When I first learnt magic, it was purely out of sheer interest. Since I was small, magic has always been a fanciful art to me, an art that is so unique and enthralling, and piques my interest and curiosity to search for its deeper meaning, and the secrets behind its mystical fa├žade. The further i go, the more i understand that magic undeniably comprises broad, profound and wonderful knowledge.

Magic has definitely changed my life, and to a person that i never thought i could be. And nothing can be better than seeing people so entertained..magic brings happiness, and that's something i always believe.

Brings laughter to everyone,

no border of ages,

no border of languages,

brings an intangible feeling of amazement,

And get to know many friends and performers.

This is truly the magic of, magic.

1 comment:

maRCus said...

Darren, you is damn chunn lar...! Can? haha. i just read this post of yours. its refreshing and inspiring to know that magic has changed your life! XD

ps. its never gona change mine though.. so i might as well be amazed by seeing how YOU do it.. LOL

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