Sunday, March 09, 2008

6th Malaysian Colorectal Conference

It was my great pleasure of being invited by Dr Paul, head of surgical department Hosp Seremban, to perform in the 6th Malaysian Colorectal Conference, taken place in Shangri-La Hotel KL on 7th-8th March 08. This conference is organized by MSCRS, and it was really a very successful one, and very informative with symposia, plenary and video sessions given by renowned international and local speakers, and the posters presentation prepared by multinational participants.

This is the hall where the talks take place. Something to point out is, as this conference was held on the same day with the election, the chairman of the organising committee gave an amusing opening ceremony speech, "When we planned for this conference, we did not anticipate the election will be on 8th Mar. But don't worry, M'sia is a democratic country, no one will be shot for not voting, as least so far no one yet. So on tmr, all the doors including backdoors of this hall will be locked from 8am to 5pm, and no one is allowed to leave until the conference ends. So, pls enjoy the conference!" =)

The "How I do it" video sessions of the symposia is particularly interesting. Renowned surgeons will share their techniques of operating, the above is Dr Paul showing his way of doing laparoscopic right hemicolectomy.

The ballroom for the annual dinner, where the guests will also be presented the culture dance and my magic performance. I like the way Dr Mano, emcee of the dinner introduced me, "Dr Darren Lee is a medical officer from Hosp Taiping surgical dept, but at the same time he's a magician!..I hope he'll like colorectal surgery, and join us in the future and teach us how to use magic to manage complex surgical wounds!" =)

Performing to Prof Graeme Duthie, from Castle Hill hospital England. The gentleman (first right) is Dr Mohamed A.Qureshi, the current president of M'sian Society of Colorectal Surgeons.
Performing to Prof Yunus Gul (committee chairman) and Dr Paul. Glad that they were much entertained!

Had great pleasure to meet Prof Ronan O'Connell, a consultant colorectal surgeon from Ireland, as well as one of the editors of British Journal of Surgery (BJS).

With Dr Paul, head of surgial dept Hosp Seremban, on the 2nd day of conference. Really appreciate him for inviting me for the performance.

This is definitely an enriching and rewarding experience, academically as well as socially as it was such a wonderful opportunity to get to know many new friends/colleagues in this field. Hope i'll see them again in the next year conference!=)


eelainee said...

certificate for the magic show performance or the attendance for the conference??? hehehe :P
by the way, cool!!! all the big shots look entertained...

opps, mr paul looks old la

Darren said...

You gotta make sure Mr Paul won't see this..hehe
Thnx for the comment!=)

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