Friday, January 11, 2008

Apex Group Annual Dinner Night

Performed for the Apex Group annual dinner magic night on 11th Jan, my first show of the year! Thanks for the invitation from Brendan, as his cousin brother, James is the chief organizer of the event.

Partner up again with my good friend, David Lai. The last time we performed together was in DiGi's party quite sometimes ago. I was supposed to do the show with another mentalist who couldn't make it in the very last minute, luckily David was there to help. Really big thanks for him.

The food of buffet was definitely good ones. Had a kinda heavy meal before the show.

The crowd was about 200 pax in around 20 tables. David and I walked around doing mentalism plus close up magic..kinda combining performance and the crowd response was excellent!=)

With James, the chief organizer of the event, a very nice person to work with!
A short comment from him at the end of the show,
"I really like you guys for your pleasant attitude . You guys are really very marketable magicians.."
Another great performing experience!=)


Brendan said...

Great stuff Darren!

Glad u and David enjoyed the event!


Brendan said...

Great stuff Darren!

Looking good. Nice to see u and David performing.

Im sure the crowd was entertained.
Well done!

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