Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thalassemia Family Day

Performed in the "Thalassemia Family Day" on 15th Dec, organized by paediatric department Hosp Taiping. The event took place in the famous spot, Zoo Taiping, but embarassingly to say, it was only my very first time to visit there after almost a year of working!=p

Performing to the staff nurses.
The show was kinda not so easy for me as I still find that card magic is generally more for the older age group of children, but the crowd there consists more of younger kids. Based on the experience I gained from Staedtler's show, luckily some simple coin/ rubberband tricks still work well for children=)

Me with the organizing committee, including Dr Saiful (Head of Paeds Department), Dr Siti Aisyah, Dr Mohana, Dr Ng and many of my colleagues. A very good job for them!=)

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