Saturday, December 16, 2006

Darren's Card Revelations 2

Filmed a vid sometimes ago and took the minimum time to edit it and now it's here. My 2nd vid in card revelation. Enjoy!

P/s: The vid quality might be compromised due to that it's compressed to 1/10 its original size to ensure the good flow in running. Apologies for that!=)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dunhill's "Project Blaine"

Here it is, the major event in my schedule, the "Project Blaine" presented by Dunhill. The project's name is indeed a flattering one. HEHE. I'm happy that they used my idol's name, or if it's that they think i'm by any means comparable to him, i'll be euphoric to death. Ha. Alright come back to the event, it's a four-night performance taking place in Kota Kinabalu and Kuching, 2 nights for each place. Honestly this was my very first time to visit Eash M'sia, and I must say that this is a superb trip, or I should say it's somethin better than a trip! Everything from flights to accommodation to food is bourned by the company, all i have to do was just to perform!=)

Something to highlight is the hotel that i stayed in..Shangri-La's resort in KK. Man that's an ultimate experience to me..the room was luxuriously decorated and the sea view was just..breathtaking. Nothing could be better than just sitting there and relax for the whole afternoon.

My first time to really watch the sunset. Managed to catch a shot of that=)

My performance is mainly in the local night clubs. Performed to averagely 2 outlets per night. In KK I went to Razz Ma Tazz, Cocoon, Upperstar and The Loft; in Kuching I went to BarZing, Zen Bistro, MC3, Terminal 1 and Soho. I'm not a frequent club-goer but I do feel that the night life here is very vibrant, esp. in Kuching. Met some really great crowds there and had lots of fun. Gained new experiences and also developed quite a number of new routines for my card magic!=)

I'm amazed by how fine are the handicrafts made in East M'sia. Truly masterpieces. Bought some souvenirs on the last day=)

Some of the landmarks and street view in Kuching.

Hilton, another very satisfying stay in Kuching.

Took the chance to visit my good friend Wei Siong who's currently working in Hospital Kuching. Had a good breakfast as well as a long chat about work, magic and everything. Later on he also brought me to his workplace and met some of my other colleagues Andrew and good to see them so long after graduation!=)

Flied back on Sunday. Can't help to take a shot of the beautiful horizon. I'm definitely gonna miss the experience and places!

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