Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Standard Chartered Branch Open Day Celebration

I'm back from a 3-day show! It was about the open day of 4 new branches of Standard Chartered Bank in Melaka, Penang Autocity, Kajang and Kepong respectively. This grand opening took place from 11th to 13th Nov and was really an exciting one for me as I also took this chance as a mini-vacation=p. The journey was pretty hectic though, started on the very first day itself.
The first day event officially started at 11am but we gotta be there at 8 something to set up. Everything went alright and my job was to do walkabout closeup magic to customers, bank staffs and also the VIPs. Beside magic there was also Lion dance and clowns' entertainment. It finished at about 3pm and we jumped on the car again and departed to Penang. I think that was the most tiring part as we really spent awfully long time in car throughout the 3 days. But thanks to Jerry, he's such an incredible driver..he basically knows every single place in M'sia and the most unbelievable thing is we never found him yawns while driving. Respect him!=) And he also stopped us at Ipoh while on the way back from North, to have the best local delicacy, Ho Fan and chicken rice. Nice!

Pic with the bank staffs in Melaka. I realized don't I just look like one of the staffs too?=)

Some snapshots on spectators' reaction. Magic is such an entertaining art! And this is also my primary goal..to amaze and to bring joy to people=)

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