Monday, November 27, 2006

Staedtler Roadshow

If one day while you are shopping somewhere, a Harry Potter/Zorro/Batman-like magician wants to show you some magic with Staedtler stationery, yes it could be me. Ha. This is a roadshow presented to you by Staedtler, the leading stationery brand, throughout the whole west M'sia starting from mid Nov till the end of Dec. It's gonna take place in 18+ major shopping centers during every weekends. So, be prepared to be amazed by what an ordinary stationery can do!=)

I'm allocated to Jusco Maluri but I'll only be able to perform for two weeks as my work is starting by mid Dec. I think this show is by all means a challenging one due to that: a. Kids are the main target audience; b. Gotta perform to shoppers and passer-bys while dressing like Harry Potter; c. I was told not to do too much cards. Hmm that's almost like killing me! But things turned out fine..i took the chance to practise my coin, rubberband, rope and ring magic..and I found that children really like the colouring book and the magic wand!=)

And finally, a pic with some of the magicians taking part. My very good magic buddies. Some are not in the pic though..Robin, Edwin, Lai, Eric etc. To conclude the event, we certainly had great fun out of it!=)

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