Saturday, November 11, 2006

OCBC Bank Mystical Carnival '06

Having turned down a few offers in Oct due to exam preparation, now i'm finally free for shows again! This month is gonna be really exciting. First in the schedule is this, the Mystical Carnival 2006 by OCBC Bank, held on 10th Nov in Hyatt Saujana Subang Resort. This carnival was exclusively for OCBC Bank staffs, and it sort of resembles the Masquerade party that I did for Digi, as the guests were required to wear fun and colourful attire. However, I found only small bunch of people wearing that whereas most of the rest esp. ladies still dress up nicely & elegant..made it more like a ballroom dinner=)

Looking at the theme and you should know this is a night involving mystical arts. Beside magic that i was performing, some booths were set up for Zodiac Sign fortune-telling by Simpson and Palm & Face Reading by Phoenic. I missed the chance to interact with them as each of us was really busy on that night. Hopefully will see them again in future events..i actually have deep interest in those two fields as well!=)

The sweet-looking gal holding the card fan in the middle is Candice, the relationship manager of OCBC. Quite surprised to know that she's from Chinese High School as well and her father is a specialist in Hosp. JB!

Pictures with spectators. As I said, the world is quite small sometimes. The guy in white sweater is my sister's good friend and he's just joined OCBC. He truly enjoyed the magic!=)

Time past really fast that night and i actually felt like staying to perform more. Really enjoyed the night and met a lot of wonderful people there as well!

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