Sunday, September 17, 2006

Carlsberg Temptation Night

This was the second get-together party by Carlsberg, held on 15th Sept in a restaurant called Cafe Citron, somewhere near KLCC. I was invited by a new agent this time, but in the phone she told me, "My client has seen you performing before and he specifically asked me to call for your performance again." Sounds so mysterious. I purposely drove there earlier as I wasn't so sure about the location and, yes, it was a rainy night again! I've now almost developed a phobia towards raining night..i guess this is some kinda post-traumatic stress disorder after the incident last time.

But thank goodness the place was found without much hassle. The first impression of the restaurant was quite good. It seems to be modified from a banglo and has a big garden with it. Can be a pretty good choice for a romantic date or even things like garden parties. I met up with my agent, and i saw one familiar face --Stanley! He gave a cunning smile, "Yo Darren, now you know who got you here!" Aha now I realized who's that mysterious client. I didn't know that Stanley has switched from Dunhill to Carlsberg now. Nice! And it's great to see some other old faces too..Jeffrey, Melinda & Michelle (the funniest twins EVER!) etc..made it more like a gathering night for us!=)

This is Jeff..a super nice guy who loves to see the levitating card!

VIPs of the night..entertained them exclusively for almost an hour..

The night was great and I left at 12 something. Everyone has enjoyed it soo much. Nice food plus free flow of beer in such a cool ambience. Definitely a memorable event!

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