Sunday, August 27, 2006

DiGi Transmorfo Night

Did a show for Digi on 25th Aug, approximately one week after my convo. Was excited about it as the show was big, and it was a masquerade party in the DiGi's new Hq in Subang Industrial Park. This was the second time i worked with DiGi, which the first time was during the X Games Asia 2006 in Sunway Lagoon.

So for this DiGi party, i called David for helping as they needed a pair of magicians (cardician & mentalist can work quite well) for that night. We didn't use the provided costumes due to some reasons (okay, it looks funny) and i suggested we get our hair done by the peekaboo saloon crew instead. Then the outcome..hmm not to say i dun like it but..well it's a good try. But i prefer to have my original one hehe=)

The Peekaboo saloon crew.

This party was definitely more fun than those i performed in previously. Ppl dresses up in all sorts of costumes e.g. little mermaid (by a guy!), trans-sexual, Mr.Sumo, Elvis, slayer in Scream, just to name a few of my favs. Performers are many too, beside us there are clowns, gorgeous dancers, fire-eaters & fortuneteller. Quite a number of them i've already met in X games. I remember talking to the fortuneteller last time and he looked at his Tarot cards and said, "You're not gonna be a m'sian citizen for long. You're going either US, UK or Aus soon after graduated and work there for couple of years and prob will stay there permanently." Exactly my plan. Freaky. But it seems did not work for my fren David though.

So we performed to the ppl, mainly indoor as it was raining super heavily and all the outdoor activities were on hold. We even entertained the dancers and saloon crew in the staff room. Time flied and we left at 10 over when the event almost ends. I was following David's car back to get out of Shah Alam area. Things went well until we reached the tunnel. I saw David's car suddenly just skidded and seemed out of control. Ya you guessed it, my car followed and hit his! The road was just unusually slippery and my brake was totally nonfunctioning. And ya, there came the most magical moment of the night, the tow truck ppl just appeared almost instantly from nowhere to offer us service!..which made us suspect that this might not be an uncomplicated accident. But car was sent to workshop for repair. SAD plus angry. What a bad ending of the night..gotta drive really carefully at night next time and watch out for traps! But minus the accident, the party night was a nice performing experience afterall. Look forward to the next show!

With the Ladies.

The clowns that night were some of the best clowns i've ever met!

Nice bunch of people. I'll see ya'all again!

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