Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The First MMF Gathering

Woo..the first MMF (Malaysia Magic Fellowship) members gathering in the history. This meeting was held on 12th June in Times Square Starbucks. It was indeed a fun and successful one..we've got 9 MMF (Malaysia Magic Fellowship) members showed up! None of us has met before..and only recognizing each other by nicknames. The jamming session was, flourish, coin, rope, levitation..all types of magic were just played..also had some discussion on future plans and outings, video shooting and stuffs. Feel really great to join this club and have all these buddies.
Such a memorable gathering! MMF rockz!

A group pic was taken: (front row from left) Rainking, canbeef, kenningst; (back row from left) Vision, jackliw, doktokaro, Baalan, Shan, Me.


peanut said...

wow! do you guys got a website or something? what is the minimum requirement to enter? i only know very basic normal tricks.. :S please leave me a note.. really interested!

Darren said...

Ya we hav a website, actually it's a forum.
Just go to
but sadly speaking, it's no longer so active like before=(

Jack Liw said...

It was 7 years back.... I really miss that moment! Now you're doctor Darren already :D

Darren Lee said...

Hey Jack! Ya time flies! How have you been doing? ;)

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